The Futon Bed Mattress Craze

The futon mattress bed or couch made its way into our home many years ago. It became the symbol for those who needed a cheap couch that could double as a bed. The futon bed is perfect for families that have kids because they can use it for sleepovers and also as extra seating for all to enjoy. If you are considering buying a new futon mattress, then you should read the tips in this article. A lot of people have developed a greater use for futons since their original inception many years ago. They used to be sort of a throwaway item used in college dormitories or just for the occasional guest, but now they have expanded even into luxury use.

With all of this continued acceptance and branching out, the futon mattress has found a new place in our homes. In order to compensate for this, many more companies have sprung up offering things like better futon mattresses and cushioning for example. But of course you don’t have to have a very expensive futon in order to think about replacing the mattress: The futon mattress is highly valued and sought after. If you were a kid spending the night at a friend’s house often you would see futons in over half the houses: I have a huge futon pocket sprung mattress in my spare bedroom which is perfect for having company over.

Futon Mattress

The most important thing that you need to consider is how firm or soft you want your futon mattress to be. I know that they have been characterised as just being thin and hard pieces of cushion, but this is simply not the case now. A futon mattress is typically made up of a combination of foam and cotton for a very comfortable feel. Since they are such a versatile piece of furniture most people tend to put them in a bedroom or a basement room. Depending on the function of your futon bed, will determine which type of futon mattress you should purchase. Another nice thing about these is they can fold up and be put away in your closet organiser or in a storage cube in the closet for safekeeping.

If your futon is going to be used solely as a bed then you should purchase the thickest of futon mattresses for support and comfort, however the price is steep for these. A thinner mattress will work just fine, assuming you are only using it as a couch for guests on occasion. If you like a soft mattress, then you will want something with several layers in it. This may very well be a central piece of foam surrounded by other layers of the same. This will give a very soft sleep or even sitting. Whatever you want to do, the mattress can be fit to your needs. Now if you decide that this futon bed will be used as both a couch and a bed on a regular basis you might want to think about getting an innerspring futon mattress because it allows much more flexibility. This is going to be essential as the futon mattress will be folded regularly. This is where the foam futon mattress will come in handy as foam conforms easily to the desired shape without sacrificing the futon mattress quality.

Brand Name Futons

Some people will of course want firm futon mattresses, so be sure to inquire into which you are getting. It will make a big difference to whoever ends up actually sleeping on the futon. If it is your guests, they will appreciate the fact that you have put a little thought into how you are housing and sleeping them. Bed futon mattresses can be expensive, depending on name brands and materials used. Names like Simmons and BeautyRest can cost hundreds, but you can also find a good one for less: Mattress quality is a big factor in pricing on these beds.

The Fusion Velotec is a great example of a very soft mattress: It will give you a night’s sleep that is like lying on the clouds. If you want something that is still soft but not to that degree then you can get a Quasar. The Haley 90 on the other hand has a more moderate feel to it. This is a good option if you want to stay somewhere between soft and hard.

Futon Mattresses

As always the most important thing is to know what you want. With futons these days, you can certainly satisfy any little stylistic craving you may have. And at the same time you can spend as much or as little money as you want. Of course, you probably won’t be able to find too cheap a mattress, but you can still try. One thing to consider is buying a futon mattress cover for your bed. You can find these futon mattress covers on the internet at discount prices.

One last thing to consider is what kind of design and colour you want: Just because your prior colour scheme was one way it doesn’t mean you have to duplicate that; try out something new. You may even get one with a replaceable cover, so you can change the colour to suit your mood.